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Gourmet Apple & Yuzu Condiment

Gourmet Apple & Yuzu Condiment

Chilli Brothers Apple & Yuzu is a condiment that delights 100% Natural & Vegan Friendly.

Japanese Fugi apples, Yuzu & Chilli. Apple, Pear & Citrus notes. Quite mild 

Pair with cheese platters, cold meats, roast Chicken, Pork or what ever you want!

Heat: Mild

Ingredients: Fuji Apple (75%), Yuzu (10%), Habanero, Lime, Ashbeck Mineral Water, Sugar.

Storage: Refrigerate Unopened.

Here are just a few Ideas for the Apple & Yuzu:

Chicken Salad: By shredding some cooked chicken & mixing it in the bowl with our Apple & Yuzu, celery, walnuts, salt & pepper. Serve with some lettuce, bread or crackers.

Apple Salad: In a bowl add some mixed salad, One apple sliced, some dried cranberries & toasted pecans give a toss. Then add our Apple & Yuzu, mix your salad. then Enjoy!

Vanilla Cheesecake: Buy a lovely Vanilla Cheesecake. Serve with our Apple & Yuzu!

Or simply use our Apple & Yuzu as a dipping or a condiment!

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