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Welcome to The CHILLI BROTHERS experience... We've taken all the amazing health benefits of the mighty Coconut (Virgin Organic Cold Pressed EU Certified) & The Humble Chilli. We have infused the Virgin Organic Coconut Oil with a selection of mouth watering vegetables, herbs and spices mixed & blended them into our Artisan Crafted Chilli Gourmet Sauces, sensational Hot Chilli Fruit Syrups & Hot Fruit Compotes. But thats not all!

CHILLI BROTHERS offer you a broad, versatile range of Artisan Crafted Products. Try our Infused Vegan Organic Non Dairy Butters/Spreads & you really have something for all tastes. Hot or not!

Who would of thought these amazing plants would reap so many wonderful health benefits.

CHILLI BROTHERS do things differently,  which is why we stand out from the rest.The ingredients and method make all the difference. With a depth and  wonderful array of layers & flavours. 

When you taste our products you will see why we & our customers say they taste amazing and quite like no other out in the marketplace. 

We are extremely passionate about flavours and we are pleased to bring you a range of extremely Tasty, Versatile, Healthy & Nutritious lovingly crafted artisan products for you..






July 23, 2018

Now that this hot weather is really set in, what can we do to help us deal with it a little better and help us cool down? We all may feel the urge to reach for something cool to eat, but you will benefit much more by eating something Chilli based rather than a frozen yoghurt or ice cream. You would be doing yourself a massive favour! People have long combatted the hot weather by eating spicy food. While it may initially seem a tad counterproductive to indulge in some hot sauce or salsa while baking in the sun, but I can promise there is  amazingly sound evidence to suggest it will help you cool down.  What’s the secret? SWEAT!...

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Hot Chilli Peppers Reduce Mortality Rates!

July 10, 2018

Hot Chili Peppers Reduce Mortality Rates! Consider This! Adding more spice to your diet. Researchers found a 13% decrease in the total mortality rate of people who consumed chilli peppers. This is just one study on the subject with extremely warming results…No pun intended! Scientists from The Larner College of Medicine in the United States examined data from roughly 16,000 Americans who were tracked & measured for over 20 years. Mortality rates for people who ate chili peppers was 21.6%. This was in comparison to the 33.6% rate of mortality among those who didn’t. The difference in numbers is largely because of a decrease in deaths due to heart disease and stroke in the group consuming the hot chilli pepper. How specifically do chili peppers...

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