Our Story

Cooking for many years both commercially & working in the food & hospitality industry, travelling around the World while working in food publishing, we saw a need for a premium, healthier range of gourmet artisan chilli sauces & condiments that were accessible, versatile & economical made with quality local or British produce where possible. With Recycled packaging!

Chilli Brothers have healthy chilli sauces & condiments with many disciples. Trendsetters would talk about coffee beans & strange, flavoured craft beers. Chilli sauce is not new, but the way we do it makes us stand out from the crowd. Chilli Brothers gourmet condiment company make sauces to die for (not literally). Chillis has wonderful health benefits as well. Also, all vegan friendly!

We found some extremely inspiring scientific, proven articles & research that not only provided more of an education on Chillies & the humble Coconut which we use in many of our sauces, extra virgin cold pressed organic coconut oil, amazing! Giving an extra depth of flavour with a healthy twist! Artificial chemicals & preservatives found in so many of the foods have been relegated to the side line!

                                  We hope you love our products!

                                               Chilli Brothers