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Gourmet Smoked Naga Hot Syrup

Gourmet Smoked Naga Hot Syrup

Chilli Brothers Smoked Naga Syrup is 100% Natural & Vegan Friendly.

Made with Naga & Chipotle Chillis, slowly infused into a wonderful hot, smokey, sticky glaze!

Our  Naga Syrup can be used to baste, glaze,  flavour, sweeten and give a shot of heat to any food or drink... pour over ice cream for an unusual yet delicious taste experience, bake into a cake, or just to add a delicious rich, hot smokey sweetness to whatever you like savoury wise. You will be surprised what it goes with. A teaspoon or two into a chilli or curry elevates it to another level! How about on some wings or brushed on some Salmon. Run a little through mayonnaise. 

Hot & Delicious!

Hot Heat

Here are just a few Ideas for the Smoked Naga:

Smokey Chocolate Brownies: Add a kick to your Brownie batter by incorporating our Naga Syrup. The combination of Chocolate & Chilli is irresistible!

Chicken & Vegetables Stir Fry: Cut some chicken breast into thin slices & stir fry in some oil with garlic & ginger. Add some chopped broccoli, carrots, peppers & mushrooms. Add our Smoked Naga & Noodles. Stir fry until crisp/tender. Simple & Tasty dinner.

Pulled Pork: Bursh your pork with our Smoked Naga & slow cook. Check every hour. Then when it’s cooked add more of our Smoked Naga. Serve with chips or wedges.

Or simply use our Smoked Naga as a dipping or a condiment!

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