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Gourmet Lemon & Lime Hot Syrup

Gourmet Lemon & Lime Hot Syrup

Chilli Brothers  Hot  Lemon & Lime Chilli Syrup is100% Natural & Vegan Friendly.

Made with Sugar, Lemon & Lime fruit, Naga Chilli slowly infused into a wonderful Syrup. 

A splash in a cold drink (milk especially lovely!), Greek Yogurt, topping ice cream or desserts, through to adding some delicious and flavoursome sweetness to your savoury dishes.

Baste the Chicken or veggies!

Heat: Hot

Ingredients: Sugar (6%), Lemon (3%), Lime (3%), Naga Ghost Chilli, Ashbeck Mineral Water, Lime.

Storage: Refrigerate Unopened.

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