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Gourmet Mango & Habanero Chilli Sauce

Gourmet Mango & Habanero Chilli Sauce

Chilli Brothers Mango & Habanero Artisan Crafted 100% Natural & Vegan Friendly.
A wonderful blend of Fresh Mangoes, Bell Pepper, Habanero. The flavours & complexity will Delight. You will find yourself having this with things you didn’t Expect.

Medium Heat

Here are just a few Ideas for the Mango & Habanero:

Chilli Mango Salsa: Dice a Mango, one Red Onion & Bell Peppers. Mix our Mango & Habanero, Lime juice & chopped coriander. Serve as a refreshing salsa with grilled Chicken or Fish.

Avocado Toast: Slide your avocado then spread them on a toasted bread. Add a poached egg on top & drizzle with our Mango & Habanero.

Cheeseburger: Cook your patty & brioche bread, in your burger add some rocket, tomatoes slide, your patty, melted cheese & finish with our Mango & Habanero.

Or simply use our Mango & Habanero as a dipping or a condiment!

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