CHILLI BROTHERS Creole/Cajun Virgin Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Infusion

Our Creole/Cajun Infusion is a blend 100% natural of spices slowly infused into Pure Coconut Oil.

Containing the "Holy Trinity": The fragrant base of peppers, onion and celery, as well as other herbs and spices, our blend infused in Pure Coconut oil is great for use in regional styled recipes of the deep southern USA (New Orleans and Louisiana)... cuisine inspired by Europeans (Spanish, French and Italian), as well as African and Caribbean.

It can be used as a starter flavour base for cooking these style recipes, a baste, or marinade. Put in noodles or on your rice. This will help you to get the health benefits of Coconut oil and Chilli along with the amazing tastes of these delicious infused flavours. Meat or fish, vegetables, your imagination!

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