Our Story

As a family we came from a fairly unremarkable corner of South London.

A plate of Spaghetti with Tomato sauce was initially regarded as an exotic weekly treat! A clove of Garlic was looked at with slight suspicion. Exposure to Chilli was relatively limited!

The decision to try & commit to cooking & eating a little healthier was very important.  After travelling & seeing diets from various regions around the World & how they adapted the sometimes plain food with amazing sauces & condiments, ideas of how to integrate these into our diet became quite important to us.

Cooking for many years both commercially & working in the food & hospitality industry, travelling around the World while working in food publishing, we saw a need for a premium, healthier range of gourmet artisan chilli sauces & condiments that were accessible, versatile & economical made with quality local or British produce where possible. With Recycled packaging!

We found some extremely inspiring scientific, proven articles & research that not only provided more of an education on Chillies & the humble Coconut which we use in many of our sauces, extra virgin cold pressed organic coconut oil, amazing! Giving an extra depth of flavour with a healthy twist! Artificial chemicals & preservatives found in so many of the foods have been relegated to the side line!

                                               We hope you love our products!

                                                               Chilli Brothers