CHILLI BROTHERS NUT BUTTERS are an infusion of totally natural ingredients blended with our premium selection of nuts. Additive and preservative free for a more discerning clientele.

Pure Coconut- Oil nut butters can be used for baking, added to hot milk drinks, in desserts or add to savoury dishes for an enhanced flavour experience ... Use it as a healthy breakfast spread! 

Recent studies state that half a handful of NUTS a day can prevent early death, and that even the humble peanut "slash risk of cancer, dementia, heart attacks and diabetes... " (source British Heart Foundation and a Netherlands Cohort Study)

PLEASE NOTE: commercially available pea/nut butter (name and supermarket own-brands) offer no protective effect, researchers explained high levels of vegetable oils and salt 'cancel out' health benefits of nuts... CHILLI BROTHERS NUT BUTTERS ARE UNSALTED,MADE WITH 100% PURE COCONUT OIL,  TOTALLY NATURAL, ADDITIVE AND PRESERVATIVE FREE. THEY ARE THE NUTS HEALTHY & NUTRITIOUS