Whats the story with Fats & Oils? Especially Coconut Oil

Many consumers are now asking, “What is the real story with fat?” Research has confirmed that the type of fat we eat is more important than how much we eat. But which fats are the healthiest and most beneficial? As we eat food, not just fats, what should we eat? 

Some say Coconut Oil will soothe and even cure all that ails you.  Now I would not go that far just yet! Still, when efforts to lose weight, lower cholesterol, and avoid diabetes remain unsuccessful for so many people, it is easy to see why we are looking for solutions that are off the beaten track.

We can point out some extremely positive benefits about Coconut Oil so that you can make smart decisions about how to incorporate it into your diet.

Some of the beneficial health effects attributed to Coconut Oil are helping to protect against heart disease. Coconut Oil can help you lose body fat, especially from your abdomen or trunk, where stored fat is most harmful to your health. Coconut oil helps and could even prevent diabetes. After my MRSA and finding I was diabetic, I incorporated a lot into my diet. My diabetes is under control and my weight is down from 120 kg in February 2015 to 85 kgs in April 2016. Without any exercise (due to the MRSA in my right knee). It boosts brain function especially helpful in people with Alzheimer’s disease, stimulates thyroid function, and fights off bacterial, viral, and yeast infections. So we should all see how it could aid and benefit our health and diet. Try and see! Nothing to loose, masses to gain.

Nathalie Riva
Nathalie Riva


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