Hot Chilli Peppers Reduce Mortality Rates!

Hot Chili Peppers Reduce Mortality Rates!

Consider This! Adding more spice to your diet.

Researchers found a 13% decrease in the total mortality rate of people who consumed chilli peppers. This is just one study on the subject with extremely warming results…No pun intended!

Scientists from The Larner College of Medicine in the United States examined data from roughly 16,000 Americans who were tracked & measured for over 20 years. Mortality rates for people who ate chili peppers was 21.6%. This was in comparison to the 33.6% rate of mortality among those who didn’t. The difference in numbers is largely because of a decrease in deaths due to heart disease and stroke in the group consuming the hot chilli pepper.

How specifically do chili peppers help decrease mortality? The main component of chili peppers called Capsaicin could well be the reason.

Although the mechanism by which peppers could delay mortality is far from certain. TRP channels, which are the primary receptors for agents such as Capsaicin, the main component in  chilli, maybe responsible for the observed relationship said Professor of Medicine Benjamin Littenberg!

Some further research is necessary but scientists propose some explanations of how capsaicin could be making such a difference. This component could be positively affecting cellular and molecular mechanisms which are linked to obesity and control coronary blood flow. In particular, capsaicin could be fighting high cholesterol, help metabolize fat breakdown, reducing likelihood of diabetes and stopping tumours. It could also have antimicrobial qualities, positively affecting the microbiota of the gut.

The scientists think their work might result in people needing to eat more spicy food!

Because the study adds to the generalisation of previous findings, chilli pepper or even spicy food may become a dietary recommendation fuelling further research in the form of clinical trials.

If you weren't excited about chilli prior to this point, maybe you are now?