Coconut The Tree of Life

In Sanskrit, coconut trees are referred to as “Kalpa Vriksha” which means: “The tree that gives all that is necessary for life.”

This is no exaggeration, because the coconut supplies water, oil, and it’s flesh can be made into many different products from coconut milk to coconut flour, which is popular with the Paleo crowd because it is versatile, grain-free and high in fibre and nutrients.  The coconut really is one of the most amazing superfoods ever.

Coconuts are technically what is called a “drupe,” which is a type of fruit.

A young coconut has a smooth green exterior, but usually when you find it in the store, that will have been removed, and it will look white.  As the coconut ages, the exterior will become more brown and hairy. The flesh becomes more dense and nutritious as the coconut ages, because it soaks up more of the minerals from the water.  So if you want to drink the water, make sure to get the young coconuts, because there will be more of water, and it will have more nutrients.

There are many different products that are made out of coconuts.  One of the most amazing foods for our metabolism, is coconut oil, which is made by extracting the oil from the flesh.  I like to put it in my tea or coffee every morning to stimulate my metabolism and energy. Planning to cook it at a very high heat? You need Coconut oil. Stable! So many other amazing facts and benefits its mind blowing. More to follow.

Nathalie Riva
Nathalie Riva


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