Coconut Oil Medium-Chain Fatty Acids curb appetite?

Who would believe the humble Coconut has so many health and nutritional benefits. Another amazing feat that COCONUT OIL performs is that it has been shown to increase satiety, meaning that it allows you to feel fuller for longer, thereby likely decreasing your daily caloric intake.

In studies, researchers have found that diets with long-chain fatty acids are associated with greater food intake, while similar diets with medium-chain fatty acids correlated with lower food intake.

Such a result has been attributed to several hormones that are linked to both satiating effects and MCFA. 

Therefore, when MCFAs are consumed, hormones are released that makes us feel full.

Nevertheless, it is still apparent that there is an amazing mechanism in organic coconut oil that associates the ingestion of MCFAs with a satisfying and full feeling.

Nathalie Riva
Nathalie Riva


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