Pure Coconut Oil: The Champion of Dietary Cooking Oils!

Studies have showed that Virgin Coconut Oils using the wet-milling process had only minimally higher levels of antioxidants than (Non Virgin) Pure Coconut Oils,  Remember, Pure Coconut Oil is a saturated fat, and the refining process in Coconut Oil Does NOT change the fatty acid structure at all. This study even noted that:

There was No Major Difference among the individual fatty acids in Virgin Coconut Oil and Pure Coconut Oil. The amounts of saturated fatty acids in VCO and PCO were 91.96% and 90.38% respectively.

There has been a lot of misinformation on the Internet regarding certain Coconut Oils, casting them in a light as being unhealthy. Often the very ones selling the more expensive Virgin Coconut oils are the ones trying to condemn the cheaper non virgin Pure Coconut Oils. It is true that any hydrogenated oils are unhealthy, but since our Pure Coconut Oil is over 90% saturated, nobody selling refined Coconut Oil would go through the extra cost to hydrogenate the tiny amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids left in the 10% in Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is already shelf stable. We know of no company selling refined coconut oil in the U.S. or UK that has hydrogenated it. It may happen in tropical cultures where they want to change the melting point from 75 degrees to over 100 degrees to keep it solid, but even then they would use it as an ingredient in processed foods, not sell it as an edible oil for cooking.

Some popular bloggers (who themselves sell high-priced “virgin” coconut oils, often erroneously calling them “extra” virgin of which there is no official definition), have accused some people of selling bad Coconut Oil. Nothing could be further from the truth. these are still wonderful oils, and far better than the polyunsaturated oils that are widely used, many of which are genetically modified (this would include canola oil!)  They will NOT increase your body’s oxidative stress, and they still contain the very useful medium chain fatty acids that have been proven to support the body’s immune system. So while there are a variety of different grades and quality and inflated prices in the Coconut Oils to choose from in the market, NONE of them are unhealthy. Purchasing any form of Coconut oil to use in your daily life is a wise choice, especially if you are replacing unhealthy dietary oils (corn, soy, canola) that are mostly processed from genetically modified seeds, and can cause lipid peroxidation in the body.

Nathalie Riva
Nathalie Riva


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