ChilliBros Organic LOW-GI Coconut Sugar

Sugar in excess (as with most things in life!) isn’t good for you. But what if you can have a sugar that is organic, mineral rich and unprocessed & full of goodness that won’t compromise on flavour.  Chillibros Organic Coconut Sugar is just that… and a whole lot more! Extracted from the palm of the coconut tree and crystallized, becoming a pure gift of nature and 100% preservative free product that is:

  • Low in GI  (35) 
  • Suitable for maintaining or losing weight 
  • Rich in minerals such as Zinc and Iron
  • It gets better ….  
  • It can be used as a like for like replacement for regular sugar!
  • The same amount of regular sugar you use in your baking, cooking or hot drink is the same amount of this organic nectar.
  • No need for muddling calculations or sacrificing on flavour, just replace for improved nutrition and taste.
  • Simply put, it is the healthiest sugar around! 

Nathalie Riva
Nathalie Riva


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